For Parents

How can I request for a Home Tutor?  

Parents may use our Online Tutor Request Form that is available 24hrs on our website, request for a callback, or give us a call at 6503 5333, or alternatively SMS/WhatsApp to 9477 9535 to request for a Home Tutor.

What are the various types of Tutors available?  

A Level/Diploma
The Tutors for Home Tuition in this category can be considered to be the most affordable of all the categories of Tutors available in the market. They may be current ‘A’ Level/Diploma students or holders of ‘A’ Level/Diploma Certificates and usually may not have any or much tutoring experience. This category of Tutors is generally for Parents who have a budget in mind and requires a Home Tutor for an added guidance for their child over homework and/or general coaching.

Undergraduate Tutors are Student Tutors who are currently studying in University. Some may have a few years of experience giving Home Tuition and they are also familiar with the syllabus taught in schools. Many Parents engage Undergraduate Tutors as their rates are reasonable, and they are better able to relate to the child as their age gaps are not too far apart, and they themselves have gone through what the child is learning and facing in school now.

Full-time Tutors are Tutors who have chosen to provide Home Tuition as their career path. Their range can be from Graduates to ‘A’ Level/Diploma holders that are currently providing Full-time Home Tuition. Individual experiences and qualifications differ from Tutor to Tutor. This category of Tutors is the most sought after by Parents as they are generally very experienced and well-versed in the MOE syllabus as well as with examination requirements.

MOE/IB School Teacher
The MOE/IB School teacher category consists of either Current/Ex-school teachers. They are the most experienced of all the Home Tutors and have taught or are currently teaching in MOE or International schools. This group of Tutors usually require a much higher rate than the others due to their experience and qualifications.

I have a budget and I do not know which Tutor is suitable  

Do you have a Home Tuition budget and is facing problems with planning home tuition for your child? Do not hesitate to call us at 6503 5333 or SMS/Whatsapp to 9477 9535 with your needs and requests! Our friendly, passionate & experienced co-ordinators will be able to provide you with the most applicable and appropriate suggestions and advice according to your specific needs & requirements.

Do I need to pay for any agency fee?  

No, there is no Agency Fee. As a rule, we provide Free Matching Services to all Parents and Students who are seeking Tuition Assignments. Our Commission is collected from the Tutor’s 1st month Tuition Fee.

In this respect, we will have to trouble Parents to transfer the Commission to Success Tuition Agency upon the Tutor’s completion of 50% of the first 4 weeks of lessons. An Invoice with a payment due date will be sent to Parents once the Tuition Assignment is confirmed.

What if the Tutor is unsuitable after tuition has started.  

Parents/Students can request a change of the Tutor at any time after the first lesson with no additional charges or costs if they find the home tutor not suitable. However, all lessons conducted by the Tutor prior to the Termination are payable. A minimum of 1 lesson is required upon confirmation of a Tutor.


How do I make payment?  

Parents/Students are to transfer the Commission directly to Success Tuition via Bank transfer, Cheque, or by Cash. Details for payment will be stated in the Invoice. Tutors are strictly not allowed to collect the Commission on our behalf.

How do I know if the Tutor is who he/she claims to be?  

All Tutors are Pre-screened and interviewed before they are recommended to Parents/Students. All information provided by them are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, we encourage Parents/Students to request for and check the Tutor’s NRIC/Identifications as well as any relevant Certificates for verification purposes on the first lesson.

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