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How do I receive updates on assignments?  

Assignments will be posted on our website. Tutors are also encouraged to like us on our Facebook page to receive timely assignment updates and/or subscribe to our available assignments mailing list.

What is the commission that I have to pay?  

Tutor will pay Success Tuition a Commission equivalent to 50% of the first month’s fees in exchange for the service rendered in securing a tuition assignment.

Tutors are strictly not allowed to collect the Commission on Success Tuition’s behalf. However, in the event that the Parent/Student pays the Commission to the Tutor, the Tutor must transfer the Commission to us, Success Tuition Agency on behalf of the Client.

Is there a minimum commitment for assignments?  

For every assignment, there is a minimum commitment of ONE MONTH’s period. Tutors are required to complete one month worth of lessons and are not allowed to cancel the tuition assignment before the expiration of that period.

When can I terminate the assignment  

If the Tutor cancels or terminates the tuition assignment prior to the start of the first lesson, or before completing the first 4 weeks worth of lessons, the Tutor will be liable to pay for the intended agency fee equivalent to 50% of the first month’s Tutor’s fees for the assignment.

What is expected of me on the first lesson?  

On the 1st lesson, Tutors are required to bring along his/her NRIC and all relevant certificates for Parent/Student to verify.

Tutors are also highly encouraged to arrive 5-10 mins earlier than the stated time and to be fully prepared for the lesson.

Will I get a response to the assignments I applied for?  

Due to a large number of applicants for every assignment, we are only able to reply to the shortlisted candidates.

Read every requirement of the assignment and only apply if you meet all the requirements. Requirements can be a preference of Tutor’s gender, Parent’s expected hourly rate, or required tutoring experience of Tutor. Providing all the necessary details required, and sharing of additional relevant information will greatly benefit too.

How to increase chances of securing assignments?  

Applying for assignments promptly, the furnishing of all details required, and replying promptly to messages and calls in a good manner will increase your chances of securing an assignment.

How do I stop receiving updates on assignments?  

If you have decided not to receive any more assignment updates from Success Tuition in the form of text, calls and/or email, kindly write to us at contact@successtuition.com.sg to indicate your intention.

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