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a-level-home-tutorThe GCE Advanced Level examinations (A-Level) is an examination sat by thousands of students annually at the end of their 2nd year of Junior College (JC) studies or 3rd year for students in the Centralised Institute. The ultimate goal for every ‘A’ Level student is to enter into a University after the GCE ‘A’ level examinations. The ‘A’ Level Certificate is recognised internationally and enables students with the qualification to gain entry into both local and overseas universities. With the addition of new subjects such as General Paper, Knowledge and Inquiry, Proteomics etc., many students may find that the step up between the ‘O’ Level and the ‘A’ Level may be greater than expected and struggle to grasp or keep up with their understanding of the school’s curriculum. The set up in JCs are also entirely different from Secondary and Primary schools as students attend Lectures and Tutorials in JCs instead of classes. This is where a one to one Home Tuition for your child’s ‘A’ Level will prove to be an extremely wise decision.

A-Level Home Tuition in Singapore

a-level-home-tuitionVery often, ‘A’ Level students are unable to understand or fully absorb what their lecturer is teaching during lectures. Self-learning from lecture notes and textbooks may be very mundane and dry, thus not all students are able to learn well by themselves. An ‘A’ Level Home Tutor plays an important role by leading and assisting the child in his/her JC studies. Lessons are conducted in a fun and engaging manner to suit every student’s needs. The student can decide what and which areas that he/she requires the tutor to focus on during lessons, such as choosing the desired topic to cover, working on certain questions, or practicing on exam papers. Work can be given for students to practice during free time and to go through with the Home Tutor on their next session. With proper lesson planning and guidance, whether is it General Paper, H1/H2 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Humanities subjects; students will be able to build a solid foundation of each subject and apply them during their GCE ‘A’ Level exams.

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SuccessTuition has a large database of active Home Tutors in Singapore. We have Home Tutors that specialise in tutoring ‘A’ Level examinations and understand what is required for the national exam. The Tutors are able to spot and highlight to students where the important and essential topics and questions are, to direct students where to focus and pay attention to, and to better prepare them for the exams. An ‘A’ Level Home Tutor can provide for your child what no one else is able to do, and that is to build and solidify your child’s confidence and expertise in tackling the ‘A’ Level exams he/she will ultimately face alone. That itself is such a valuable tool to gift to your child! It is never too late to engage a Home Tutor for your child as you never know what the future holds for them. Contact us today to engage a patient and dedicated Tutor for that extra push in your child’s JC education and ace their grades in their ‘A’ Level examinations for any subject!

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