Is your child taking ‘N’ Levels Exams this year and you are not sure what to do? Let our professional & dedicated team equip you with the most suitable ‘N’ Level Home Tutor today!

n-level-home-tutorThe GCE Normal Level examinations (N-Level) is an examination that is sat by the Normal (Academic) and (Technical) students every year. The ‘N’ level exams is an important exam and play a key role in the future of the students taking it. For those in the Normal (Academic), good results in the ‘N’ Level may mean an opportunity to carry on with another year of Secondary school and the chance to sit for the ‘O’ Level. This presents itself as a chance for students in the N(A) stream to aim for entry into a Junior College or Polytechnic, and ultimately a University tertiary education.

Students who complete their ‘N’ Level exams may also aspire to enrol directly into a Polytechnic without the need to spend another year in Secondary school. In this way, they will be able to catch up with their peers in the Express stream who also choose to enrol in Polytechnics after their ‘O’ Level. With the help of a dedicated and qualified ‘N’ Level Home Tutor, the chances for the student to perform well in his/her ‘N’ Level exams will be greatly enhanced!

Why ‘N’ Levels Home Tuition in Singapore

n-level-home-tuitionNot all students are academically inclined in every subject. Engaging an experienced and passionate Home Tutor is important as the Tutor will be able to plan effective lessons using various methods and materials such as sharing of concise notes and exam tips with your child to better prepare him/her for the ‘N’ Level examinations for English, Math, Chinese, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, POA or Humanities subjects such as Geography and History.

Students are able to engage in fruitful discussions with the Home Tutor when they are in doubt. A student is able to get full attention & concentration from the Home Tutor at all times during Home Tuition lessons, which means that the Tutor will be able to pin point the student’s mistakes more accurately and timely, and correct them instantly. This will immensely benefit students as they are able to learn the appropriate skills in the shortest possible time.

An ‘N’ Level Home Tutor is able to help students improve their grades in school, catch up with school work or even to learn new topics in advance for students who are more competent in the subject and get ahead of his/her class. Home Tutors will also provide Parents with timely feedback to keep them informed of their child’s progress and to highlight any areas where the child’s improvements are needed.

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