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Are you and/or your child stressed and having sleepless nights over the looming ‘O’ Levels? Stress no more! Let our professional & dedicated team equip you with the most suitable ‘O’ Level Home Tutor today!

o-level-home-tutorThe GCE Ordinary Level examinations (O-Level) is an examination sat by thousands of students annually at the end of their 4th year for Express stream students, and end of their 5th year for Normal (Academic) stream students. The ‘O’ Level is a critical milestone for those who sit for it, and is a defining moment for their pursuit in higher education, or even for their career paths. Except for Mother Tongue subjects and Social Studies, all other subjects’ examination questions are set by examiners from the University of Cambridge International Examinations and marked by markers in Cambridge (UK) as well. Students who perform well for their ‘O’ Level will have the opportunity to pursue their Post-Secondary education at the Junior College, Polytechnic, or other educational institution of their choice.

‘O’ Levels Home Tuition in Singapore

o-level-home-tuitionSecondary students tend to have a very hectic schedule in school. Students frequently have to juggle 8 – 9 subjects such as English Language, E- Math, A-Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Literature and many others. Having an ‘O’ Level Home Tuition is important as lessons are customised according to each individual student’s learning pace and style to target their weaker areas and the Home Tutor can share tips and exam techniques with the student. An ‘O’ Level Home Tutor actively interacts with the student to provide help for homework and clear doubts that the student may have, thus nurturing and helping him/her to improve, achieve better grades and boost his/her confidence levels for the ‘O’ Level examinations.

Tuition lessons carried out at a tuition centre is very different to Home Tuition lessons conducted by Home Tutors. Students study in a classroom setting similar to how they have lessons in school. Many may find it embarrassing to ask questions in front of their peers as they are afraid they may be mocked. This is costly hindrance as students will be unable to clarify any doubts they may have during their learning process before proceeding on to further learning. Lesson plans at the tuition centres are also pre-determined and the flow of the lessons are catered to the general standards of students in the class. It is highly impossible for tutors to have the luxury of spending too much time on each individual student. This is probably the reason why many parents find it frustrating when they spend on tuition fees to enrol their child in tuition centres and not see the improvements that they rightly expect.

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SuccessTuition is the leading provider of Home Tutors for students taking ‘O’ Level examinations in Singapore. We have experienced MOE School Teachers, Full Time Tutors, and also Undergraduate Tutors to suit all the needs of Home Tuition, with affordable rates to suit the masses. ‘O’ Level students face huge stress and pressure. This is especially so for students who are taking their ‘O’ level exams in a few months’ time. With an experienced, approachable and dedicated Home Tutor, and with consistent hard work, the student will greatly benefit from ‘O’ level Home Tuition. We understand the worry and tension Parents face when their children are preparing for their ‘O’ level examinations. Be it for English, Mathematics, Sciences or Humanities ‘O’ Level subjects, we never fail to interview and screen each possible Tutor for every Home Tuition. Unleash your child’s learning potential and achieve success by engaging the right tutor with SuccessTuition!

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