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The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is every Singapore student’s first major hurdle in their education journey. After almost 6 years of formal academic education in a school and classroom environment, students are tested on their proficiency levels and knowledge of the English Language, their respective Mother Tongue languages (i.e. Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Others), Mathematics, and Science. The PSLE is a significant and essential instrument in which to set a local and international benchmark for what Singapore’s annual 12-year-olds can achieve. To put it simply, it operates as some sort of sorting device, categorising students based on their PSLE results into the appropriate stream for their next level of higher education, i.e. Secondary school. The PSLE is absolutely critical as it will greatly determine and affect whether or not a child can ultimately go on to finish his/her ‘O’ Level qualifications, and beyond.

Studying PSLE in Singapore

psle-home-tutorThe first major worry and concern that most Parents face for their children’s academic education, is undoubtedly the child’s performance for his/her PSLE. The PSLE’s scoring system requires students to achieve aggregate scores of at least around 188 to be able to gain entry into the Express stream of a Secondary school. Students scoring below 152 will be streamed into the Normal (Technical) stream. However, this system will be revised from the year 2021 onwards and students will be scored with wider bands, thus allowing more width in the categorisation of students as the student will be scored based on the student’s individual performance, and not his performance relative to his peers. This allows for a more accurate and adequate streaming of students.

PSLE Home Tuition in Singapore

psle-home-tuitionThe mastering of a language such as English or Chinese is through consistent practice and revision. For PSLE English Home Tuition, Home Tutors are able to introduce drilling of grammar, vocabulary, synthesis and transformation, oral and many others. The focus and the main concern of most Parents are with Comprehension and Creative Writing. A PSLE Home Tutor will have the capacity to teach students to master the strategies and techniques in reading passages and tackling of various Comprehension questions. In addition, the Home Tutor can cultivate students to write attention-grabbing openings, as well as the ability to insert appropriate English phrases and Idioms in their Composition writing, which not only adds “flavour” to their writing but also exhibit their level of knowledge and understanding of the language. With constant & consistent practice, writing will soon become a breeze to the student. For students that find themselves struggling with Mathematics, an experienced PSLE Math Home Tutor will be able to inculcate in the student a deeper understanding of Math concepts, different types of methods of solving problems and also the ability to identify the right methods to be used when solving various questions. If your child is weak in Science, having a PSLE Science Home Tutor is very crucial to prepare your child for the PSLE Science exam. Many students face difficulties when it comes to the answering of Section B open-ended questions as it is not just about memorising scientific facts, concepts and principles. Science Home Tutors can teach students the knowledge and concepts, answering techniques and also the use of right keywords for the questions to ace their PSLE Science Exam.

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Parents of PSLE students often feel very much pressurised by their child’s upcoming PSLE examinations, worry no more as SuccessTuition can and will solve all your children’s academic woes! However, given the restrictions with time and the extensive amount of revision work that has to be done to fully prepare the child for PSLE, it is absolutely necessary that Parents engage Home Tutors for one-to-one PSLE Home Tuition for their children for a more effective and efficient learning. At SuccessTuition, our Home Tutors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching PSLE. If you are looking for a good and affordable Home Tutor to prepare your P5 or P6 child for PSLE, look no further, we will be able to do just that! Contact us today for a tutor request or speak to our friendly coordinator to customise a Home Tuition for your child today!

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