Junior College

After graduating from ‘O’ Levels, students who achieve a score of 20 points or below for their L1R5 (1st Language and 5 Relevant Subjects) will be able to gain admission into Singapore’s Junior Colleges (JCs). Students studying in JCs go through a 2-year programme and sit for their ‘A’ Levels Examinations at the end. The ‘A’ Levels Certificate is recognised internationally and enables students with the qualification to gain entry into both local and overseas universities. JCs provide students with the opportunity to prepare and equip themselves with the necessary proficiencies and abilities required for the next level of education, i.e. Universities etc.

JC School Levels

junior-college-jc-home-tuitionThe subjects within the A-Level curriculum can be categorised into 3 levels, Higher 1 (H1), Higher 2 (H2), and Higher 3 (H3). H1 subjects may be of the same depth and difficulty as those in H2, however, will contain fewer topics than those in H2. H3 subjects are more in depth and students are graded based upon their Research Papers, Research Work, or University Modules offered by MOE approved local Universities. For students who have the aptitude and inclination towards subjects other than the core subjects, they can select elective programmes such as Art, Bicultural Studies, Regional Studies, Music, Drama etc.

At the end of their 2nd year, students will take the GCE ‘A’ Level examinations in order to graduate. Grades obtained from the ‘A’ Levels will determine the student’s next step in his/her educational journey, be it enrolling in a Course and University of choice, or otherwise.

JC Home Tuition in Singapore

junior-college-jc-home-tutorMany JC students are unable to adjust immediately to the teaching style as compared to what they have been used to in Secondary schools. JC students attend lectures and tutorials which is very different from Primary & Secondary school classroom settings. Students may find it tough to follow and digest fully what is being taught during lectures. By having a one to one Home Tuition, students will able to receive 100% attention from the Home Tutor. Home Tutors are able to teach from basic conceptual knowledge and contents to ensure each student has a good and strong foundation before moving on to a more in-depth study of the subject. Home Tuition allows students to stop and clear doubts anytime during the lesson thus creating a more conducive and effective learning environment for students preparing for their GCE ‘A’ Levels.

Lessons are fully customisable according to the student’s needs. Our experienced JC Home Tutors will customise lesson plans not only by reconstructing study contents in an easier manner for learning and understanding, but also to teach the student on the necessary step by step skills to tackle examination questions, common mistakes made and how to overcome them. This greatly benefits the child and gives him/her the boost in confidence to improve and excel in the school examinations and ‘A’ Levels.

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