As the obligatory age for children to attend school in Singapore is 7 years old, the formative years of 6 years and below are for children to attend Pre-school. Pre-school consists of Infant & Child Care Centres, Nurseries, and Kindergartens, both private and Government funded, as well as Playgroups. Pre-school provides young children with the opportunity to be introduced to a structured class environment, with fellow classmates and teachers, where they will learn to share, follow instructions and embark on their journey of academic education.

The Importance of Pre-school

preschool-home-tuitionPre-school helps young children acclimatise to the more structured and rigorous environment of Primary school life. Without going through Pre-school, it will be very tough for children to adjust and accept attending school, listening to teachers, and interacting with classmates. Pre-schools also builds the foundation for young children’s language, cognitive, numeracy, creative, and motor skills. All these will provide a child with a good head start in his/her educational journey.

Why Pre-school Home Tuition in Singapore

preschool-home-tutorPre-school Home Tuition can be an important tool for your child. The Pre-school Home Tutor can provide intensive one on one focus on your child to develop his/her unique interests and unleash his/her full potential. Every child’s learning style and capability are different. Having an experienced Pre-school Home Tutor will benefit your child as the Tutor can customise and plan lessons according to your child’s needs. Home Tutors may use nursery rhymes, story-telling, card activities such as flash cards and games, drawing and crafting of stories and so forth. These are all essential methods as they help children to improve their speaking, reading and writing skills and to be fully prepared when they enter Primary One.

A Pre-school Home Tutor can also provide timely feedbacks to parents to inform parents of their children’s progress. Nursery or Kindergarten children who are from either English speaking or Mandarin speaking families may find it tough to catch up on either English or Chinese with their peers. Pre-school children at these ages have a very short attention span and tend to lose interest very quickly. Thus, having a Pre-school Home Tutor to explore the various languages such as English and Chinese, as well as other subjects such as Mathematics, Science and even Arts and Craft can be a very fun, encouraging and effective way of nurturing your child!

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Success Tuition has one of the largest databases of Pre-school and Primary levels Home Tutors in Singapore. We have highly experienced and committed Tutors who are not only good at handling young children, and are also well-versed in the MOE’s Primary school syllabus, thus enabling them to  be better able to prepare your children with all the knowledge and know-hows, and to have a head start in their Primary school education.

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