All Singapore children of the ages from 6 to 15 are required to attend a national Primary school. This initiative by the Government is put in place to ensure every Singaporean is guaranteed a minimum of Primary school level education. With the ever changing Primary school curriculum, students are finding it harder and harder to cope with the levels of workloads and subject difficulties. With the aid of a one to one Home Tutor, a Primary school student can have the opportunity to keep pace with what is being taught in school, to learn to enjoy studying the subjects, and ultimately, master the subject.

Lower & Upper Primary School Levels

primary-home-tuitionFrom Primary 1 to 4, the student’s education in the Primary school is considered to be at the foundation stage, giving students an overall grasp of English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, and Science. After Primary 4, students will be assessed via the Subject-based Banding, to determine the abilities and aptitudes of each student towards each subject, to either be the student’s foundation or standard subjects for Primary 5 & 6. Students who have shown higher aptitude towards their Mother Tongue Language may be assessed and offered the chance to take up Higher Mother Tongue subjects.

The years of Primary 5 & 6 will allow the student to have more focus on his/her stronger subjects and to increase the potential in them, as well as to strengthen the fundamentals in those subjects that requires additional support in. At the end of Primary 6, students will have to sit for their PSLE in order to graduate from Primary school and to determine which stream that they will go to in Secondary school. The PSLE will be a culmination of the student’s 6 years in Primary school and will test the student’s proficiency in all 4 subjects.

Primary Levels Home Tuition in Singapore

primary-home-tutorIn Singapore, Primary school children tend to be very dependent on their Parents for their school homework. This poses a problem especially for Parents who both work as they may find it difficult to commit sufficient time for their children’s daily study needs. With Home Tuition and consistent lessons, the Home Tutor will be able to provide assistance to your child with school homework. This is especially helpful when your child encounters difficult and challenging homework questions that cause him/her added stress. If this concern is not addressed properly, in the long run, it may be very detrimental to your child as your child may lose interest in the subject and give up on it entirely!

A Home Tutor will be able to clear any of your child’s doubts and explain to in such a way that best suits his/her learning styles. Each home tuition lesson may be tailored and customised to your child’s unique learning habits and methods. Ultimately, what the Home Tutor can provide for your child is something which no school teacher or group tuition tutor can provide, and that is the absolute attention and dedication to your child’s every educational need.

At the end of Primary 6, students will have to sit for their PSLE. The pressure that Parents will face will not be any much lesser than their child’s. Success Tuition offers tutors who are highly experienced and qualified in coaching primary syllabus and who are good and familiar with the PSLE.

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Here at Success Tuition, we fully understand the worries and anxieties Parents face with their children’s Primary school education. Especially during times when they are not coping well with the school’s curriculum and are lagging behind. We have experienced co-ordinators who have been handling large volumes of calls from Parents from all levels and subjects for Home Tuition. Not only are we able to give suggestions and advice on Home Tuition, we are also able to customise one that suits your child’s schedule and learning needs. With our extensive database of tutors in Singapore, we have various categories of Home Tutors Island-wide, whether it be MOE school teachers, Full Time Home Tutors, or Undergraduate tutors to suit every student’s tutoring needs. We will conduct one to one interviews with the Tutors to ensure that they are suitable, qualified, and able to deliver the lessons in the way as requested by you before recommending to you, the Parent. This means that the matching services that we provide are highly personalised and each match is customised to each child’s needs.

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