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As it is often described, History is the study of Time, and Geography is the study of Space. It consists of the understanding of our Earth, such as its climatic conditions, the myriad of natural formations, and the analysis of how nature and the environment impacts, contributes, and devastates human lives both locally, and globally. Adversely, Geography also imparts to students the analysis of social, economic, and environmental activities by humans that affect nature and the entire planet’s health and ecosystem.

The Importance of Geography

geography-home-tuitionThe necessity to study Geography is significant as the geography of the Earth at any given location and region greatly influences and shapes the lifestyles of the inhabitants there. This includes the social, culture, traditions, and the way people live. Geography also provides the understanding of the Earth’s natural resources such as fossil fuels like coal and petroleum, precious metals like gold and iron, and even trees and water.

The knowledge of natural resources enables one to have a better understanding of how humans live and how to better enhance conservation for future generations. Geography is also a tool for students to learn how to read topographical maps, legends, scales, compass rose etc. This equips students with the ability to navigate themselves around the world, and to be able to recognise landmarks, icons, and understand the geographical terrain via maps and compasses.

Studying Geography in Singapore

geography-home-tutorGeography is an essential part of the Humanities subjects offered to Secondary and Junior College students in Singapore. As part of the Ministry of Education’s objective to cultivate students to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education, Geography encourages students to think critically, to hone research abilities, and to enhance communication of their thoughts through writing and other means of communication independently.

Difficulties of Studying Geography

As Geography is very much a subject that requires a lot of field knowledge and real world experience, it is not a subject whereby students can easily fathom and grasp the basic fundamentals. For students in Singapore, many of which who may never have experienced natural formations such as volcanoes, deep valleys, or high mountain peaks, simply reading about such things in a textbook may seem distant, vague, or unimportant. Add to that, they are supposed to understand, remember, and explain in their own words what they understand during examinations to attain desirable grades. All these various factors culminate to render Geography a tough subject for students to excel in.

Geography Home Tuition in Singapore

However, with a fully qualified and experienced Geography Home Tutor, students can have the most optimum chance of excelling in Geography. Be it for a Secondary 2 student or Junior College student, a home tutor who is experienced in tutoring Geography can provide the undivided attention and focus for the student, to be able to spot where the student’s weaknesses are to tackle them and turn them into strengths, and also to spot where the strengths are, to amplify them and achieve greater success. A 1 to 1 home tutor can also provide the student with a different perspective from what the school Geography teacher has already covered so that the student can tackle different questions from various multiple angles, to enhance the chances of scoring higher marks.

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