History is a subject overloaded with information for students to memorise and understand. A History Home Tutor can get your child interested in the subject and master it to achieve that A!

Why is studying History important? In today’s fast-paced modern world, it is the present and the future that everyone is focused on whilst the past is often disregarded. This is a misguidance as studying History provides a student with skills which are not confined to the study of the past. In order to make sense of the current world, it is crucial to study the past, as everything that is occurring all around us in the present and may occur in the future, has been directly or indirectly influenced by events that happened in the past.

Importance of History

history-home-tuitionThroughout mankind’s history, it is evident that events that have already happened have always led to changes, improvements, developments, and/or the overall betterment of the human race. The wars that have happened in the past have taught us to avoid wars at all costs and to embrace global peace & harmony. The technologies that we possess today are down to all the trial & errors and mistakes committed by those in the past. The great leaders of yesteryears that have laid down the blueprints for nations to be strong and prosperous today are examples that present world leaders will utilise and abide by even till this very day.

Difficulties of Studying History

history-home-tutorWe fully understand the difficulties that students face when studying History. Students may find that History is all about the memorisation and regurgitation of important past dates, events, anecdotes, happenings etc. And with the enormous amount of data and information that is required to remember, recall, interpret, and apply, during an examination, it may seem like such a daunting and near impossible task for some students to handle. However, with the help of a suitable and competent one to one home tutor who is able to properly and productively guide and aid the student, it will be a huge step towards mastering the subject!

History Home Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, History home tuition also enables students to be better prepared for answering examination questions and to learn how to pick out the key points and facts so that they can apply in the examinations. The confidence instilled in a student towards a particular subject is also absolutely critical as the lack thereof may result in or careless mistakes committed, which may be all the difference between scoring an “A” or a “B”! A History tutor is also able to provide with very specialised and focused attention towards the student’s weak areas and offer the student another point of view towards tackling them as compared to a teacher within a class setting, whereby the individual’s concerns are overlooked for the majority’s. With the proper guidance of a home tutor in History, the student is more able to excel and ace examinations.

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