Literature can be confusing & challenging as it uses coded language and students have to fully understand the theories & characters within.

If your child struggles with reading, don’t panic, not everyone find reading to be an easy or effortless thing to do. The key is to make sure you address reading problems as soon as they are spotted.  The best way to address problems with Literature, whether they may be reading comprehension problems or a lack of interest, a Literature Home Tutor could be the remedy to all the common problems with the subject. Here’s how engaging a Home Tutor can change everything.

The value of Experience

You can get a Literature Home Tutor for any level of education: IP, IB, ‘O’ Levels, or ‘A’ Levels Literature, are all available. The best thing about Literature Home Tuition is that it can be taught by fellow students who are exceptional readers, Graduates who know what it takes to advance the O- Level or A-Level Literature national exams, and even Literature professionals or experts who can uplift and motivate aspiring Literature majors. As long as the Home Tutor is qualified, experienced, and dedicated to his/her teachings, your child will start absorbing the materials in no time.

Literature and Humanities

literature-home-tuitionLiterature is something students must all partake at the beginning of Secondary school. The focus is mainly on how well students pay attention, rather than intimate reading comprehension or critical thinking skills. Once students progress into their Upper Secondary years, they will be presented with the choice of three different Humanities subjects, which includes Literature, Geography, and History. Literature is often seen as the least appealing of the three, mostly due to the fact that the material may be dry, and the subject requires a lot more memorisation as well as more engaging with the contents of the stories.  Old English also makes its appearances in the various Shakespeare stories, so that adds an extra layer of difficulty.

Using Time Wisely

literature-home-tutorWriting instructors in school may not generally have the capacity to expound upon everything in the books because of the time limitations and having a substantial number of students in a class. On the off chance that your child is not exceptional in his/her grasp of the English language, it is likely that he/she will face some difficulty in scoring for Literature in exams. A qualified and experienced Literature Home Tutor will have the capacity to deconstruct complex sentences, reveal shrouded beautiful layers in stories that are buried in old English, and educate the student on smart approaches to answer exam questions, helping him/her to understand, and to attain what it takes to succeed in the subject.

Advanced H1&H2 Literature Studies

‘A’ Level Literature writing can be an intimidating course. It’s not only more difficult than ‘O’ Level Literature, the JC level is known to be 10 times harder than IB Literature, to put things into perspective. What makes it so? Well, in different Humanities subjects such as H2 History, JCs across Singapore uses the same materials for all H2 History studies. However, that is not the case for JC Literature as various schools utilise their own contents, such as the books to be covered in the studies. Literature books such as “Othello”, “Age of Innocence”, “Streetcar Named Desire”, “Scarlet Letter”, and also “All My Sons”, may be used by one particular JC, but may not be used by another JC.

In any case, since various schools utilise their own contents, so the Literature Home Tutor needs to adjust and read thoroughly in order to completely comprehend the specific book or abstract work so that he/she can pass on the knowledge to the student. Hence, engaging a good and experienced Literature Home Tutor will be able to apply the knowledge of understanding for Literature onto any books that the student’s school is utilising.

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