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Strengthen & enhance your child’s social & cultural commitment & devotion through a better understanding & knowledge of Social Studies. Make the difference by engaging our committed & qualified Social Studies Home Tutors!

Social Studies is a compulsory subject to be taken together with either Geography, History, or Literature for the GCE ‘O’ Levels. It shares intersectionality with these subjects, as the study of society involves human migration, historical context, and reading the records that man has left behind to study. Having a deep knowledge and understanding about societal changes and humanity is important to understand Singapore and its rich history.

Beyond Memorising

social-studies-home-tuitionSocial studies must be taught in a way that extends beyond names, dates, and places that must be memorised. Students must truly understand what they are reading and feel something about the events that take place in Singapore. A student that has an emotional reaction to what they are learning is one that will easily be able to recall the information that surrounds it. This is why so many parents choose to do Social Studies for Home Tuition, as it helps build a strong foundation for advanced education.

A Home Tuition plan is more involved than just studying to pass tests. The Social Studies Home Tutor should get closer to the student and get to know what his/her interests and personality is like as this will help them better explain the topics within Social Studies. Whether that be utilising games, videos, or music, Social Studies Home Tuition allows for more creative freedom to help make social sciences feel more relatable, and thus easier to memorise in a natural context.

Familiarity and Confidence

social-studies-home-tutorAs the student becomes more comfortable with the Social Sdies Home Tutor, he/she can start to do more than just listen and answer questions, and may begin to ask exploratory questions. This is because the student will have become engrossed in the materials and start to see themselves in these social settings, rather than view them as disconnected events in Singapore’s past.

This is vital for the mastery of essay-style questions that appear on tests. These questions call upon a student’s critical and creative thinking skills to demonstrate that they understand concepts beyond true/false and multiple choice answers. Even if the student hasn’t perfected the memorisation of dates, names, and places, he/she can still be successful with the essay portions, which provide greater rewards, as they are weighted for more points total.

Past, Present, Future Studies

A subject like Social Studies is one that will never grow out of date or become trivial to Singaporeans. The events of the past have influenced the present, and in order to continue to prosper and grow as a people, students must understand these social changes in order to be ready for what is in store for the future. It is through possessing this intimate knowledge of social sciences that we can feel more certain about our own lives and the people in our communities.

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Having a Social Studies Home Tutor will be able to provide your child with the confidence and assuredness when tackling their Social Studies exams. Your child can have a deeper understanding of the concepts that go beyond what is published in school books. The less rigid the lesson plans, the more the student will embrace it and understand why it is so important for them to learn it. Let Success Tuition provide your child with the most suitable, passionate, and qualified Home Tutor for their Social Studies Home Tuition, and experience the vast improvements in his/her Social Studies results! Call us at 6503 5333 to request for a tutor!

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