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Chinese is a language which is used daily by roughly around 75% of Singapore’s population. It is widely considered to be Singapore’s second most commonly spoken language, after English. Whether you are at the coffee shop, or at Orchard road, be it the taxi driver, or the salesgirl at the high-end boutique, you will most inevitably overhear conversations in Mandarin, or yourself be engaged in one (if you are familiar with the language)! Thus the prevalence of Chinese in Singapore.

The Importance of Chinese

chinese-home-tuitionSince the rise of China as a global economic force starting in the late seventies, the Singapore Government has been campaigning for Singaporeans to speak more Mandarin, and to enhance our usage of the language. Due to the increase in trades, transactions, and business dealings between Singapore and China, the communications between the two countries have increased multiple folds. Parents in Singapore have begun to realise that with a strong command of the language, students with a strong foundation and grasp of Chinese will put them in good stead in future when they join the workforce. Moreover, students with a proper and fluent command of Chinese will be better able to communicate with the elder generation, many of whom, have a strong foundation in the language.

Difficulties of Studying Chinese

With more and more influence coming from the Western countries such as the UK and the USA, from TV shows, Youtube, and the Internet all mainly utilising English, families these days very often converse mainly in English, and children are getting more fluent in the English language, whilst their Mother Tongue takes a step back and deteriorates. Young children nowadays hardly converse in Mandarin and mainly in English. This creates a natural barrier between them and Chinese as when they do start learning the language in school, it will be a lot harder for them to pick it up, much less master it.

Chinese Home Tuition in Singapore

chinese-home-tutorThis is where a Chinese Home Tutor will be extremely beneficial to students weak in Chinese. A Chinese Home Tutor will be able to utilise various teaching techniques and methods whereby a school class teacher will most likely be unable to render to a class of students. Techniques such as planning lessons to be tailor-made for the child’s particular weaknesses and strengths, and learning abilities; incorporating stories and anecdotes to make lessons fun and engaging for the student; highlighting key words, common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. These are just some of the additional ways in which an experienced Chinese Home Tutor is able to provide to a student in need, as compared to a Tutor in a tuition centre in a group tuition setting, or even a teacher in school. Ultimately, it is the Chinese Home Tutor’s objective to instil the interest and confidence in Chinese within the student, and guide the student to Like learning Chinese, instead of being forced to.

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