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English is no easy language to learn, despite students being widely exposed to English based media such as TV shows, Facebook, News, the Internet etc. However, there’s a lot of “bad English” out there that many students will pick-up, but this can further complicate the learning process if there isn’t a strong foundation of proper English to refer to. Children may also pick-up spoken habits such as ‘Singlish’ (which is a language that intermingles English with Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese dialects) whether at home or in school with their friends. This may greatly hinder students in their learning process of proper English.

When it comes time for exams, these bad habits can really handicap a student’s comprehension of English grammar and written questions. Choosing to provide English Home Tuition to students can strengthen their knowledge and confidence with proper English language.

A Recipe for Success

english-home-tuitionIf your child or student is showing signs of frustration and is struggling to grasp important English concepts, you may want to look into a private one-on-one Home Tutor to help him/her get over this stressful obstacle. If the student keeps on this path of not speaking and writing proper English competently, it can go on to effect other parts of his/her life, such as limiting the field of potential jobs and careers to choose from, which are expected to deal with multi-lingual clients.

Having an English Home Tuition plan from an early age can prevent students from struggling on every level of their education, from Primary all the way through to University. This is because, like Math, language is a skill that must be mastered fundamentally before adding more definitions and variables.

Building Confidence

english-home-tutorAs mentioned earlier, learning proper English is different than just learning any English. Many other subjects require a good grasp on English in order to be able to understand the questions set for that subject, such as: Math, Science, Geography, History, and Literature. Having a strong grasp of English allows students to better study English based materials, understand written assignments, and of course read English Literature with a deeper understanding.

Tutoring that Works

The investment in English Home Tuition starts to pay off immediately when you realise your child’s attitude about learning English start to change even after the first few sessions. The first thing they will learn is that their struggles with English is not unique as many students in Singapore struggle with the subject. Students will also slowly begin to realise that, after learning the core grammar rules and speech concepts, everything that they have struggled so much with will begin to feel much easier and natural to them.

Teachers in classroom settings more often than not don’t have the ability to spot, correct, and reinforce each and every student’s mistakes, so that is why having a Home Tutor is really valuable for Parents who want their child to succeed and speak English fluently. Tutors can also clarify doubts and alleviate exam anxieties for students who may feel stressed out due to their lagging behind as compared to their peers.

It is extremely important to understand and master English as it not only is Singapore’s lingua franca, it is also the medium of language for many other subjects that students study in school. English as a subject alone can affect the performance of many other subjects.

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