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General Paper (GP) is a compulsory academic subject in the GCE ‘A’ Levels curriculum to be taken by every student in the Junior Colleges in Singapore. Unlike the English Language taken in Secondary Levels, which is aimed at covering the basics, from stringing a coherent sentence to writing cogent essays and having a good control and command of English, GP is designed to aid the development of critical thinking ability of the students, their ability to contrive strong arguments and also to convey their ideas using clear, effective and accurate language.

Studying GP in Singapore

general-paper-gp-home-tuitionGP is made up of two papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2), with Paper 1 comprising a wide range of topics including, Economy, Sciences, History, Politics, Religions, Philosophy etc. as well as topics of global concern and of local interest. While Paper 2 is made up of one or two passages of continuous prose, where students are expected to prove their ability to understand, deduce, evaluate and sum up within a period of 90 minutes. GP is more advanced compared to English Language offered in Secondary levels.

Difficulties of Studying GP

GP is perceived by many students to be difficult as it involves much technicality and substantial general knowledge on wide range of topics, issues and situations around the world. This might pose a difficulty to students as to where and how to structure their readings and also as most students are not much aware about events and happenings around the world. But these problems can be taken proper care of with the help of a GP Home Tutor, as the students would be properly guided, trained and given tips and things to keep a lookout for.

GP Home Tuition in Singapore

general-paper-gp-home-tutorA GP Home Tutor has been confirmed to be the best and most productive means of preparing students for their GP exams as this enables quality and productive time to be spent by the tutor with the student. This will allow the tutor and the student to have more productive interactions and thus makes it easier for the Home Tutor to monitor the level of progress of the student. Another way in which GP Home Tuition really helps in the guidance of the student is in noticing and working on the aspects where the student might be lacking or lagging as the GP Home Tuition will provide a one-on-one opportunity between the student and the experienced GP Home Tutor.

With an experienced GP Home Tutor the student will have the opportunity of being properly guided and given a fundamental idea, based on the experience of the Home Tutor, on what the GP exams centers on and also be able to get suggested solutions and ways in which answers given to different questions can be provided and also improved on, which might not be gotten in a general or GP tuition centers.

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As students of Junior Colleges aim to gain entry into local or overseas universities to further their education, General Paper is a compulsory subject that must be offered in the GCE ‘A’ Levels exams and a poor grade in this subject will make gaining admission into a university a very difficult task, therefore the need for proper preparation which can only be achieved with GP Home Tuition. Let us equip your child with the most suitable, qualified, and dedicated GP Home Tutor today!

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