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Bahasa Melayu is the national language of Singapore and is one of the official languages, besides English, Chinese, and Tamil. Malay is also Singapore’s ceremonial language as it is used in the National Anthem, as well as in military commands. The ethnic Malay population in Singapore is the 2nd largest, following after ethnic Chinese and the language is widely spoken between all the different races in Singapore. Due to the proximity of Singapore and Malaysia, many Singaporeans do have friends and relatives living in Malaysia and vice versa, where the national language is Bahasa Melayu. This has ensured that the usage and importance of the language have continued to flourish to this day, becoming more of a common language besides English between the different races to communicate.

The Importance of Bahasa Melayu

malay-home-tuitionIt is significant for Singapore students to have at least a basic knowledge and understanding of the Malay language. Singapore is a tiny nation completely surrounded by much larger countries who all speak Bahasa Melayu, or similar. Especially with Malaysia, they are Singapore’s neighbour, and our nearest ally. From a social standpoint of view, it is beneficial for a student to be able to minimally conduct simple conversations in Malay. It is used daily all over Singapore in all walks of life.

Studying Malay in Singapore

malay-home-tutorMalay is the national language of Singapore and is one of the 4 official languages of the country. The Singapore Government encourages students to learn the language as long as possible and as high as possible. Malay is offered from Pre-school levels all the way to doctorial levels. Primary school Malay aims to inculcate in students a good awareness of oneself, to be prudent and have the skills and knowledge needed to face future challenges, to be responsible for family, community and country, and to have a healthy mind and body, and to respect the environment.

Secondary school Malay strives to instil in students the achievement of moral integrities, to be confident in their abilities and able to adapt to changes, to be able to work in groups and show compassion towards others, to be creative and curious and can appreciate different views and communicate effectively. For students who have the aptitude and interest in the language, they may be inclined to take up Higher Malay for their PSLE and also during their Secondary school years. Higher Malay offers students a more in depth and higher level of understanding of the language.

Malay Home Tuition in Singapore

In this day and age, time is precious, especially so where students are so busy with their school work, supplementary classes and even CCAs. Engaging a good and experienced one to one Malay Home Tutor for your child will be able to maximise his/her learning. In comparison, students may not achieve as much insights in a two hour self-study as compared to a one hour lesson provided by a highly qualified Malay Home Tutor where they are able to simplify concepts for easy understanding and teach students examination answering techniques and tips. Malay Mother Tongue Language Home Tuition will allow students to focus on their needs and teach what is useful and helpful to every individual student rather than to teach the subject in predetermined lesson plans which often happen in group tuition. Students may lose concentration when they are unable to catch up or just because they have already mastered what the teacher is teaching.

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