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Phonics is one of the major building blocks of reading. It is the technique of teaching reading based on the sounds of letters, groups of letters, and syllables. It builds on the alphabetic principle and teaches the correspondences between letters, or groups of letters and their pronunciations. Children will get to learn the connection between a phoneme (sound), and grapheme [the letter(s) or alphabet(s) that represents the sound) in writing.

The Importance of Phonics

phonics-home-tuitionReading is one of the first things that children are taught when they begin schooling. It is the foundation of all education. When children can read, other subjects then become available to them, which means independent learning can then begin. Learning of Phonics can start at a very young age, as early as 18 months old. Parents usually see the necessity to enrol their child in Phonics lessons when they reach Kindergarten 1 or 2 so that they are better able to have a solid English base, and will be better equipped for Primary school education. Firstly, Phonics is essential in helping children learn how to spell words. Secondly, by enabling children to recognise the sounds letters make when used in forming words, they are better able to recognise the sounds words make, thus increasing the capacity to spell words correctly. Eventually, improvement of spelling will lead to better recognition of words, thus resulting in better reading skills.

Phonics Home Tuition in Singapore

phonics-home-tutorHaving a Phonics Home Tutor is essential as every child learns differently, and every child has his or her own pace and level of absorption. Some may be slower learners than others and a Phonics Home Tutor will be able to cater to each individual student’s needs and learning progress. A Phonics Home Tutor will engage young children in a fun and effective approach to teach them the fundamentals of learning English language, for example, to recognise alphabetical sounds, Word blending, reading skills, sentence structuring or using nursery rhymes for easy and effective learning. The most important aspect that a Phonics Home Tutor can provide is that the Tutor can and will tailor each Phonics lesson exclusively according to the child’s level of interest and absorption, and the child’s rate of progress and improvement. This is where the Home Tutor will be able to thrust the child’s learning to be at its most efficient and maximum performance!

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If you have a child that dislikes reading or has problems learning and memorising English words, it may be due to the lack of Phonics education and guidance. It is never too late to get a Phonics Home Tutor even when the child is already attending Primary School as it is definitely essential for the learning and mastering of the English language. With a Phonics Home Tutor, you will see that your child will read and write with ease and with greater confidence, call 6503 5333 now!

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