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Singapore is a multi-racial country with Tamil as one of its official languages. As per a 2010 census on Singapore’s Indian population, the majority are of Tamil Ethno-linguistic background. About 60% of Singapore’s Indian population speaks Tamil as their native language. This means that Tamil is the 3rd most commonly spoken language in Singapore, after Chinese, and Malay.

Studying Tamil in Singapore

tamil-home-tuitionAccording to the MOE, all students, whether Singaporean or Permanent Residents are required to study their respective official Mother Tongue Language such as Chinese, Malay and of course Tamil. In Singapore, Tamil is offered as a second language for Singapore Indians. Even though there may be other Indian languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, and Bengali, Tamil is the most commonly spoken Indian language in Singapore and most widely offered in Singapore schools.

Primary school Tamil aims to educate students in the basic language skills in listening, writing and speaking, while also explaining the cultural values and values needed for the growth of Singapore. The emphasis is more on speaking and listening of Tamil.

Secondary school Tamil aims to ensure that Tamil is a living language among Singaporean Tamil students as they are taught to understand instructions, stories and debates about the Tamil language, as well as educated about Tamil customs. Students are also expected to speak with correct intonation and pronunciation and achieve fluency in spoken and written Tamil.

For students who have the ability, aptitude and interest in the language, they can be assessed and can opt to take up Higher Tamil for their PSLE and during their Secondary school period. The Higher Tamil curriculum will offer students the chance to achieve higher levels of Tamil proficiency and cultural knowledge.

Difficulties of Studying Tamil

For Indian households in Singapore, more and more families are using English to communicate at home and the usage of Mother Tongue is getting more and more obsolete. The number of Tamil lessons conducted in schools each week are also not sufficient enough for students to study Tamil in full and thus many are losing interest in this language, resulting in poorer results reflected in their report books.

Tamil Home Tuition in Singapore

tamil-home-tutorA qualified and experienced Home Tamil Tutor will be able to identify the needs of individual students and to provide them with 100 percent focus and attention. A Home Tutor can justify certain skills and knowledge that the student is lacking by assessing him/her on the first lesson. Thereafter intensive teaching of the weak areas can commence, with the suitable materials, tips, and guidance from the Home Tutor. The undivided attention and effort will also greatly increase the chances of the student’s improvements in a shorter period of time taken as compared to a student in a group tuition or classroom environment. This will lead to an increase in the student’s confidence and better prepare him/her for any class tests or major examinations in areas such as Tamil Grammar practice, Tamil Vocabulary, Tamil Comprehension, Tamil Creative Writing and so on.

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