Confused with the numerous formulas and concepts of Chemistry? Concerned over your child’s Chemistry results? Let our professional & dedicated team equip you with the most suitable Chemistry Home Tutor today!

Chemistry can be a very intimidating subject for students to tackle for the first time. Because of this, it is important that they have a positive first impression in order to be better prepared to pass the exams that they will encounter later on. If your child is interested in forging a path in Science, you should definitely consider looking into a Science Home Tutor.

Mastering Concepts

Chemistry doesn’t allow for a lot of mistakes or misinterpretations, which makes sense considering there is a lot of Math involved.  Even if you’ve already had an introduction to Chemistry during Secondary school, things get a bit more complicated once you head into JC. This is where a Chemistry Home Tutor will shine and provide a strong foundation for a student to build upon as he/she move onto advanced concepts.


chemistry-home-tuitionAs with most tutoring situations, the value of memorisation cannot be overstated here. Some people are capable of absorbing dates, times, and numbers naturally, but for everyone else, it is important to have someone there to help you memorise and study, especially in an information-dense subject like Chemistry.  Having someone who knows the subject intimately can allow students to be able to focus on the most important concepts, formulaes, and methods for acquiring the correct answers.

Chemistry can be an unforgiving subject when it comes to thinking outside of the box, so if a student doesn’t have someone there with him/her whilst learning the properties and Chemical laws, they can become easily frustrated if they keep getting answers wrong and elements mixed up.

Selecting the Best Path

Singapore curriculum for Chemistry is no pushover. Chemistry is a subject that can and will affect a child’s success in other subjects if not addressed properly. Home Tuition allows for a unique and valuable opportunity to start your child off on the right path from the very beginning, which instills confidence and even enjoyment when they get older.

Pure & Combined Science Paths

chemistry-home-tutorPure Sciences is the direction you want your child to take if they are going for the most advanced Science career paths. It’s not for everyone, though, so you shouldn’t treat it as the only acceptable way to earn an education in the Science fields. Pure Sciences contain about 20% more material in comparison to Combine Science. How this affects your Chemistry tutoring is that more sub-categories relating to Chemical reactions, such as Electro-Chemistry, will be covered.

It is important to account for how fast your child is absorbing the materials when considering adding more to their syllabus, rather than just relying on pure enthusiasm for the subject alone. Perceptions can change when the feeling of overwhelming work creeps up.

Make your child’s experience with Chemistry a breeze by hiring their own personal Home Tutor!

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Having a Chemistry Home Tutor is important if you find that your child is unable to catch up with school teaching or is facing problems with doing well in class tests. Usually topical class test papers are short and questions that are set are based on only a few selected topics to ascertain student’s understanding. Students are usually able to score well in these tests if they understand the topics well.

At Success Tuition, we have different categories of Chemistry Home Tutors for all levels that are both experienced and well-versed in the Chemistry syllabus, be it Pure Chemistry or Combined Science, to suit your every tutoring needs. Home Tutors are able to travel to your place of residence and conduct lessons at the comfort of your own home at your child’s preferred day and time.

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