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Every student is challenged by Math, some more than others, but no student should feel stressed or settle for being weak at Math. Math doesn’t come natural to all of us, it takes hard work and dedication. Even when we try our hardest, sometimes Math can get the better of us. Frustration can stunt the growth of even the best students, especially with a subject as important and complex as Math. When a student feels like they are falling behind in their Math studies, it should be a sign that they need some help to get back on track. Math Home Tuition is an opportunity for struggling Math students to approach their problems differently and learn Math curriculum better so that they can stress less about their Math results.

Leading in Maths

math-home-tuitionSingapore has a high reputation for Math proficiency, which can put a lot of pressure on Math students in the country. Math teachers are overall good at what they do, but there are limitations to standard classroom teachings. Not all students are on the same level of understanding Math, but all students must be treated equally and the teachers cannot denote more time for some over the rest.

This is why Math Home Tutors are so popular and so important for students. Having a Home Tutor in Math can also subsequently raise the level of proficiency in other subjects such as technology, science, and economics. Math Home Tuition started at an early age has been proven to be very effective and can create lasting confidence from Primary, Secondary, all the way through Junior College, and even University education.

Master and Specialise

math-home-tutorMath Home Tuition can be used for students who are good at Math but lack the confidence to be completely ready for their PSLE, IP, IB, ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level exams or other tests. These are examinations and tests that require special understanding of how Math concepts work and application of it on the Math questions they work, not just the subjects contained within them. Students who have mastered the Math concepts will be able to answer different types of questions that are actually similar but with the slight difference in their sentence phrasing. Many parents are also facing problem with not able to coach their child effectively in Math these days as the teaching and learning method used during their times to solve Math questions may be very different from what the school teachers are teaching now.  This often causes confusion and child tend to lose interest after some time on the subject.

By learning the core Math concepts AND what types of questions to study for intensely, students will have a real advantage with a Home Tutor who knows exactly what milestones that the student needs to reach in order to hit the highest marks for their exams. This is a process that is just not feasible in a classroom setting alone.

The Right Ingredients

Math Home Tuition sparks a renewed interest in students. This is because the Tutor has the luxury of being patient with them and not rush things if they sense the student is struggling. When a Home Tutor is present from the start of the school year until it comes time to take the exams, the “crunch” to prepare for exam day is eliminated. 

It is also worth noting that students in Math classes are often embarrassed to ask for help when they are in the minority who do not understand a Math problem. Whether they have mean classmates or not, they may not realise that many students also have Home Tuition to help them succeed, so they could be putting a lot of pressure on themselves to keep up, even if others have an advantage. The right Home Tutor can boost confidence, as well as results. That can last a lifetime.

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