Do you want to enhance your child’s interest and understanding of Physics’ theories & concepts? Help your child excel in Physics by engaging our qualified & dedicated Physics Home Tutor!

It is important to give your child the best education and the best opportunities to succeed in school. For many Parents, they are looking towards engaging a Home Tutor in order to better prepare their child for their curriculum studies in Primary, Secondary, Junior College studies or even their chosen career path for some. In Singapore, there is a strong emphasis on Sciences, so there can be a lot of pressure on students to succeed.

That’s why personal Home Tutors are so valuable. During Primary and Secondary school, Science can be seen as easy to grasp and easy to fall in love with, however, as the material picks up in both content and volume, frustration and stress can quickly set in if your child doesn’t fully grasp the fundamentals, going into a subject like Physics. Home Tuition may be the solution to these problems.

Science Rules

physics-home-tuitionThe three major categories of Science that your child may take up during their Secondary or Junior College years are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. During the senior years of Secondary school, it will be compulsory for students to choose at least two categories of Science to study. Physics and Chemistry lead the way for most sought-after Sciences, so it is important for students to really take advantage of the opportunity to master these subjects, not just to pass exams, and the best way to position them to succeed is to hire a Physics Home Tutor.

Why Home Tuition

Parents frequently look for help in coaching their kids, since Physics is not a straightforward subject, and in light of numerous different reasons, for example:

  • Your child is battling hard to grasp the information on Physics, yet there is disconnect between his/her execution and diligent work.
  • Your knowledge and fundamentals may not be applicable anymore as the syllabus and methods of teaching are always changing and improving and have changed drastically over the years.
  • Your child thinks that it’s difficult to tackle questions as the understanding and memorising of concepts and formulas are insufficient to apply to questions thus, he/she is unable to improve

Covering Pure and Combined Sciences

physics-home-tutorThe syllabus for Pure Physics is around 20% more coverage in overall than that of Combined Science Physics. Students who in general do well for their lower Secondary Science can opt to take up Pure Physics. A student who takes Pure Sciences for his/her ‘O’ Levels will have an advantage if he/she wants to progress to JC and take up Science course. However, the student must be able to cope with the added load of Pure Physics as compared to Combined Science. If the student is not able to cope, he/she has the option to change to study Combined Science instead. This is where a Physics Home Tutor can be specifically effective as the Tutor may be able to target on the student’s weak areas in Pure Physics and help the student to conquer those hurdles successfully. The Tutor can turn the student around into liking the subject and to have the confidence to take on exams.

With all the worries in a student’s life, and the expanding number of exercises they need to take an interest in, it ultimately results in little time for educational planning. Having Home Tuition can be efficient and instill the confidence that the student needs to approach tough subjects, like Physics, with the right mindset.

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