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Science Home Tuition in Singapore

Unlike most of the other subjects being taught in school, Science is not a Human-centered subject such as English, History, Social Studies etc. Science is a subject that involves much bigger topics and issues such as how the world works, how the Universe works, how the fabric of nature, space, and time operates and intertwines and affects everyone and everything in the Universe. Science is part of every living thing’s daily life and defines, restricts, and enables how everything in the Universe can be and do.

The Importance of Science

science-home-tuitionAs one of the most basic of the Human motivator, the drive to understand the “WHY” of everything is the reason that Science is so important and essential for every student to study and understand. Our knowledge and understanding of the how and why things are the way they are in the natural world is the Human race’s greatest natural resource, even greater than water. Science is the foundation of everything. It is a system for exploring, and for innovation. Without Science, diseases may still be left incurable, Man may have never left this planet to visit the moon, and none of the Modern World today may exist at all. It is absolutely essential that minimally, our next generation have a firm grasp on basic Science so that they are well versed in their place in this world, and to a much lesser extent, their position in this Universe, so that they are better prepared to appreciate and conserve the natural world they inherited, so that they can pass it down to their next generations.

Studying Science in Singapore

science-home-tutorSuch is the importance and vast diversity of Science that it is a subject offered to Singapore students right from Pre-school levels all the way up to Doctorial levels. In Pre-school, students are introduced to Science via the learning of the human body, animals, plants and flowers.

For Primary school students, Science starts from Primary 3. According to the MOE, the Primary Science syllabus is a foundation for scientific studies at higher levels, and emphasises on the need for balance between the acquisition of Science knowledge, process and attitudes, the technological applications, social implications and the value aspects of Science, and also the broad coverage of fundamental concepts in the natural and physical world. The themes that Primary school students learn include Diversity, cycles, systems, Interactions and systems. Students who do not have a good foundation of Primary 3 Science will find that they will face more difficulties when they reach Primary 5 & 6.

When students reach secondary school, they are required to take at least 2 combined Sciences. For Lower Secondary Science, the syllabus is essentially a combination and further development of the Primary Science Syllabus. It also acts as a bridge and foundation for the pursuit of scientific studies at upper secondary levels.

From Secondary 3 onwards, students who have shown an aptitude and interest to learn Science in greater breadth and depth, they are able to select Pure Sciences subjects, chiefly Pure Physics, Pure Chemistry, and Pure Biology. For those who do not possess the same interests or aptitude, they are then able to select from 3 versions of Combined Science, chiefly Combined Science Physics & Chemistry, Combined Science Physics & Biology, or Combined Science Chemistry & Biology.  

For Science in ‘A’ Levels, there are only Pure Sciences offered and no Combined Sciences. Students are offered Pure Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for both H1 and H2 categories, H2 being a higher level of the subject. For those students with aspirations to further their studies in Science, the election of studying Pure Science subjects is a necessity. For example, if a student’s ambition is to study Bachelor of Medicine in NUS, the prerequisite that the student must have is a minimum of a pass in H2 Chemistry and either Biology or Physics in his/her ‘A’ Levels.

Difficulties of Studying Science

Science is a complex and vastly diverse subject. Science also utilises many jargons and scientific terms which make the topics all the harder to understand or memorise. Science is often perceived to be cold, and full of hard facts that were discovered or invented by someone in the past that students need to learn from. It is also not possible to demonstrate every science formula or experiment to students in the classroom, thus making it harder for students to comprehend what is being taught. Add to that, various formulas and equations that are required to memorise, it is no wonder students in Singapore find it exceedingly difficult to score well for their Science subjects. This is where a Home Tuition teacher for Science will become very much handy.

Science Home Tuition in Singapore

Home Tutors providing Home Science Tuition are able to explain the concepts with real life experiences for faster and easy understanding. For Science, it is not just the memorisation of contents, a large percentage consists of the understanding and writing of the contents in the student’s own words. So, by enhancing the student’s ability to understand how the system works, the Home Tutor will be able to assist the student to answer any type of questions with ease.

Learning Science without a Home Tutor to guide the student can be very time-consuming and stressful. For example, in the case of Primary Science, many students struggle with open-ended questions. This is especially crucial where marking schemes are strict and rigid, and teachers will look for certain key words to award marks for the questions. Students that do not understand the concepts will find it hard to express their thoughts and to use the right keywords. Students may write long and logical sentences to explain and yet not attain the marks they expected to receive, which may lead to parents being disappointed, thinking that their child is not good in Science and that Science is a tough subject.

Having an experienced Science Home Tutor will be able to pin point and lead students in the right directions and teach them the right answering techniques, thus enabling the Tutor to carry out an effective Science home tuition. This is especially so for the Science Pure subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In the event that students may not be able to have their doubts answered, they may fall behind their classmates in school as they might not have the courage to ask questions in a class room setting environment as many fear ridicule from their classmates. A professional Science Home Tutor will be able to allay all the student’s fears and worries and to instil a greater sense of confidence in the student for the subject.

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