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 Home Tuition Rates in Singapore



  A Level / Diploma Undergraduate Full time / Graduate Ex / Current MOE Teachers
P1 – P3 S$20-25 S$25-30 S$30-35 S$40-55
P4 – P6 S$25-30 S$28-30 S$35-45 S$50-60
Sec 1 – Sec 2 S$30-35 S$30-35 S$40-45 S$55-70
Sec 3 – Sec 5 S$30-40 S$35-45 S$45-55 S$60-75
JC 1 – JC 2 S$45-55 S$55-75 S$90-120
IB S$25-70 S$35-80 S$50-120

Rates stated are per hour basis
Last updated 22 June 2020 


General Guide

Rates stated above serve as a general guide for the average market rate quoted by Home Tutors in Singapore.

How Tuition Rates are Determined

SuccessTuition does not determine the Tuition Rate, as the actual rates for each Tutor are set by the tutors themselves depending on the individual Tutor’s qualifications, experience, accessibility of tuition location, travelling distance, specific requirements of parent and also the duration of each lesson. 

For example, Home Tutors with many years of tutoring experience will demand higher rates. Tutors may also request for higher hourly rates for a 1 hour per lesson tuition assignment as compared to a 1.5 hours per lesson assignment as it is due to the time and effort they require to travel to your home for the lesson. 

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